Rest your attention on Awareness

Take the time to rest your attention on awareness. Just simply become conscious, in an attentive way, conscious of the awareness that is. The awareness that enables whatever event is occurring. That the event is occurring within the field of awareness. Awareness is happening. It is. There is no goal or method to this suggestion, this invitation. There isn’t anything for the mind to evaluate or categorize. The mind cannot hold onto awareness. Although it may try. Its more like a relaxation. Relaxing into or resting in the simplicity of being aware. If you enjoy words, you can even say to yourself, “There is awareness”. Awareness is the ground of Being. It is the ground that makes consciousness and the events of consciousness possible. With a deep, alive, profound,keen, engaged, natural attention allow consciousness to light on awareness. Not in the hopes of achieving a certain state of being, figuring something out, fulfilling a desire or perfecting a technique, but just out of an impulse that arises from an engaged vitality rather than expectation.