An immersion in profound gratitude and deep reverence for the ever-giving , eternal Source of Light.  Stillness dancing.  Dancing her Joy AS she rises from the ineffable, at-Peace SILENT  HOLY DARK.

It is with deep gratitude and happiness to be teaching with Ani Lodro at the Vajra Vidya temple.  I really look forward to this beautiful collaborative event.  Please email vajravidyacrestone@gmail  for information and registration. 

5 Day Winter retreat

with Ani Lodro 

Retreat Dates

December 6, 2024, at 6 PM

through December 10, 2023, at 1 PM


Vajra Vidya Retreat Center

3203 Camino Baca Grande

Crestone, CO 81131

This silent retreat will be a combination of meditation practice combined with Satsang and Buddhadharma discussion on how our worldly concerns bind us to Samsara, and how understanding the nature of mind cuts through the emotional suffering of perpetual thoughts and desires. There will be two sessions per day with Jennifer Tyler and Ani Lodro, which includes Satsang, guided meditation, silent sitting, and Q&A.

To register, or for more information and answers to questions, please email us