Right here, right now we are whole, indivisible and essentially free. The fundamental Love that we are, is not far, distant, separate or unavailable. It is infinitely, eternally abundant and the essence of all expression. Willingly give into this peace, this inner silence. In the discovery of uncaused Love, beyond division, there is a wisdom and intelligence that is beyond the stories, causalities and descriptions of the thinking mind.


In our gathering together, we have the precious opportunity to answer the calling of our hearts while setting aside and resting from the armor of knowingness, roles, identifications and beliefs. Together we commit to deeply exploring into the unknown. Beyond conceptualization, we remember our fundamental nature, our natural condition. When we dedicate ourselves, as a group, to the turning inward of our attention, a sense of belonging naturally arises. When we combine our shared willingness to recognize the silent, vital, essential Lovingness that is the Ground/Source, there is the potential to remember and live AS liberated, heart-felt Wholeness.

Morning Meditation in service to Peacefulness

Monday and Friday mornings 6:30am-7:15am PT


Evening Gatherings

for Spiritual Inquiry/Unfolding

5-7pm PT, via ZOOM

please note time change for winter satsangs

February 7

March 7

March 28

Donations are greatly appreciated and received in gratitude.

ALL ARE WELCOME. No Registration needed


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Deep Dive Intensive

Saturday, April 15

Location TBA,

10-4pm PT, ZOOM and in-person


Cove Ascension Conference Center

When we combine our shared willingness to recognize the silent, vital, loving Ground of Being that is always present, there is the potential to discover and live from and AS a liberated, heart-felt Wholeness.



Oct. 12- Oct. 17

Cove Ascension Conference Center

The invitation of silent retreat is to deeply give into an open-hearted, open-minded, spirit of discovery and revelation. Where we discover our unique individuality AS an expression of the Universal Source of beingness.

Costa Rica 2023

Rio Chirripo Lodge

Feb. 19-24


Spiritual Discovery and Energy Attunement Sessions

These sessions are about encouraging the discovery of one's deepest wisdom. And allowing that wisdom to unfold as a whole hearted life.

* Sessions are an opportunity to explore your current, relevant spiritual inquiry. Through guided conversation we gently explore into the layers of belief and conditioning that are perpetuating the story of separateness. As the conditioned, defended layers give way, the uncaused Love at the heart of all Being is directly experienced as one's true nature.

The session can also include an intuitive hands-on approach. An energetic attunement. This can be done over ZOOM and still be very effective!! The body is invited to release and move through areas of fear and conditioning that are unfolding as awakened consciousness permeates the mind/body structure . Our meeting encourages and facilitates transfiguration as the body/mind gives way to the evolution of human Beingness. Just as the caterpillar gives way to the butterfly. And the seed gives way to the sprout. We are collectively in the process of birthing the emergence of a fresh and orginal expression of human Beingness.

Fall 2020 Silent Retreat

Spring 2020 Silent retreat