The Way of Love

Inhabiting Fundamental Presence,

Living Empty Fullness

Online retreat offered in November/December of 2022.  

We are emptied of all that we believe ourselves to have and to be.  So that we may shine AS what we all-ways, already are. 

Nobody generates, gains, achieves, or creates what we fundamentally are.  We remember, uncover, become conscious of Intrinsic, efffortless, Loving Presence, Radiance. No one “has” an awakening.  Through Grace "I" becomes awake to Itself,  and conscious of what IS all-ways, already.

What is beyond the mind’s play of opposites and apparent separation? Beyond peace/war, love/fear, hope/hopelessness, meaning/meaninglessness, birth/death, existence/non-existence, good/bad, right/wrong, worthy/unworthy? What lies beyond personal will?  Beyond competition, compensation and defense?   What lies in plain view beyond the conditioned conventions of description, judgement and interpretation?  What if we became empty of conceptual knowing for even just one instant?  What shines forth?  What Fullness is birthed into consciousness, when the moment is left as is, naked of the mind’s narration?

Radiant, fundamental  uncaused LOVE IS.  Beyond understanding, beyond positionality, beyond cause and condition.  We and the Sacred, Divine Source are indivisibly whole.  All that the Father-Mother-of-All, IS, we are.  The wave is animated from and lived AS the ocean. We don’t emerge into this world from some other place.  Existence, in every instant, emerges and flows, to and from, our Primordial Home.  The breath of Source.  Within and amidst us is the infinite, eternal Ground of Being.  When we become quiet and we recognize the Great Stillness, surrendering the personal “I” unto this Silent Mystery, a ripe, roaring emptiness becomes the fertile ground for the spark of Divine Potential. Beyond the mind’s ideas of should/shouldn’t and being a “good” person, a spiritual person etc.,  Creation Itself finds a vehicle for conscious expression of uncaused Love, Harmony and Wholeness existing here and now beyond the personal sense of self. 

Grace IS all-ways and already.  Give the mind to the eternal flame of the Heart.  Redemption.  Give the mind to the dazzling dark Ground.  Dissolution. Give, give, give it away, gently and kindly give way.  Meet the moments that arise.  Meet them in the Heart, in the Ground. Meet them there in spontaneous compassionate understanding.  Recognize and rest In Presence, In Love, In Compassion AS liberation naturally unfolds.

Meet every moment as your angel, your guide, your sacred ground, your chance to be AS Love.

When reason no longer has the capacity to protect you through explanations, escapes, logical conclusions, then there is complete vulnerability and utter nakedness of your whole being, THERE  is the flame of love. --- J. Krishnamurti

Original art by Suzanne Gayle

This course was offered in the spring of 2020. And contains the core of the teaching.   It is an invitation to  recognize that our lives are always and already Whole and inseparable from the fundamental Ground of Being.  It is an invitation to commit to living AS this recognition.  Even in the experience of deep conditioning.  And to more deeply discovering and embracing our inherent potential to live from and AS abiding, uncaused Love. Much gratitude for those who participated in the weaving of this expression of Love.

Awakening to the Heart of Being

Finding the Freedom of Love

Awakening to the Heart of Being

This course is an invitation to explore into the Spiritual Heart.  The Heart of the heart. The Heart of the matter.

To deeply enter this truth in an open- hearted, open-minded, spirit of discovery and revelation. The retreat container gives rise to an enlivened potential for consciously recognizing, living and experiencing our unique individuality AS an expression of the Universal Source of beingness. Which is Love.

Thank you thank you thank you to the participants who brought this course into being.  

Eternal Wholeness

Online retreat offered in January of 2022.  

We are being called during this time in history to express, through our choices and responses, the deepest calling of our hearts.  We are being called to consciously inhabit the essential, uncaused Love.  To identify AS the ground of Love.  To bring the radiant Love that we inherently ARE to the foreground of our consciousness.