During a time of deep suffering and spiritual seeking there was a spontaneous, profound remembrance of the Essential Ground of Being. In the wake of this remembering, I was moved to find a guide. I encountered the loving Presence and teachings of Adyashanti. I met Sharon Landrith during silent retreat with Adya. And the deep resonance, the Love was immediate and true. Sharon's deeply embodied, awakened compassion has since been shining light on an ever-unfolding path.

With beloved Sharon's blessing and encouragement, and as a confirmed teacher in the lineage I am devoted to being a resource for the conscious unfolding of spiritual awakening.

I am available for spiritual support through private DISCOVERY sessions (dokusan) and group gatherings. These offerings support, nurture and enliven the potential for recognizing the essential, uncaused Love at the core of our Being. As one's true nature is ever more deeply revealed, we embody the capacity to live AS creative, compassionate possibility in our unique, everyday, individual lives.

Past experience includes hospice nursing, bereavement counseling, spiritual guidance, traditional Thai healing and transformational healing sessions. I live in Oregon, where I enjoy my quiet life spending time with loved ones, eating yummy food, gardening, and dancing.

"Jennifer has a Self-realization that is grounded in the Deep Stillness and arises in love and form as the human expression. She tends her garden and cares for her clients and students with the same

Fullness of Being...

Quite rare and of great benefit to all.”

The Essence

If I had something to give you I would leave you with Love.

But this Love is not a Love that can be given.

A Love that can be given is a Love that can be taken.

And this Love cannot be bestowed,removed or held in any way.

It is the ground, the fiber, the essence, the matter, the Mother

of your Being.

It can’t be extricated, examined, named, categorized and stored away for future use.

Its simple, basic, intrinsic. Its awesome, delivering and ever present.


Unknowable. Glorious. Essential.

Its deep. As in space. As in the heart of the heart.

This Love is Life. Life living. Dancing. Breathing as each moment.

As all moments, and as

That which is never a moment. But infinitely eternal and empty of momentum.

This creative pulse of possibility, current of potential, existing

now, here, AS, YOU.

Close your eyes.

Life is Here.

Love is now.


copyright Jennifer Tyler 2015