In the wake of remembering the dazzling dark potentiality beyond all duality, the empty center, there is the delightfully precious, eternal opportunity to give-way to the Fullness of uncaused Love. As a way of being. Surrendered in each moment as an undefended, undivided whole-heartedness. As a way of life. 

Sharon Landrith, a confirmed teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti, has confirmed me as a teacher of the lineage.  I am moved towards an expression of togetherness and communion from which Full Circle Family was conceived. I offer opportunities to gather in Love and spiritual inquiry. 

 I am also grateful to be living life as a daughter, sister, mother, married partner, grandmother, aunt, friend ……. Life is rich and full. Flower gardening, especially rose tending, is a passion and a delight. I am so joyful when I am among the roses! My heart is singing in the garden. 

I am available for spiritual support through private DISCOVERY sessions (dokusan) and group gatherings. These offerings support, nurture and enliven the potential for recognizing the essential, uncaused Love at the core of our Being.  As one's true nature is ever more deeply revealed, we embody the capacity to live AS creative, compassionate possibility in our unique, everyday, individual lives. 

The rose heart unfolded Here when the Divine Mother (beyond, beyond, beyond any notion of gender) rose up and unfolded into consciousness and the body.  Shakti Ma, the Queen of Heaven, Kali Ma, the Power of Creation, returned this particular life to LOVE.  "I" went home to the Mother's arms.  She literally ate "me" alive, burned down the house, reduced the personal self to ash and rebirthed the "I" as a servant of SHE who rises, who dances the Universe into and out of existence in every Holy Instant.  The experience, which is timeless, was fierce and total.  The reflection of this experience is THE ROSE.  The heart of the Mother.  The heart of Matter. 

Beloved Holiness, That from which All comes by/in/through/from and AS. Make this vessel an instrument of Wholeness and gratitude. I don’t know. The way is wild and mysterious, joyful and unknown. Guide this life to authentic expression of peace, love, compassion and justice. Through this individual ray of light on the immediate path that is illumined by and AS this Love. Each and every moment is ripe with the Grace of fresh potential and possibility. Each and every moment is the perfect reflection of Love’s Wholeness. Guide this life that all Being may benefit from and through these actions and choices. Unfolding with courage, in faithful unknowingness.

"Jennifer has a Self-realization that is grounded in the Deep Stillness and arises in love and form as the human expression. She tends her garden and cares for her clients and students with the same 

Fullness of Being...

Quite rare and of great benefit to all.”

The Essence

If I had something to give you I would leave you with Love.

But this Love is not a Love that can be given.  

A Love that can be given is a Love that can be taken.

And this Love cannot be bestowed,removed or held in any way.

It is the ground, the fiber, the essence, the matter, the Mother 

of all Being.

It can’t be extricated, examined, named, categorized or stored away for future use.

Its simple, basic, intrinsic.  Its awesome, delivering and ever present.  


Unknowable.  Glorious.  Essential.

Its deep.  As in space.  As in the heart of the heart.

This Love is Life.  Life unfolding.  Dancing.  Breathing as each moment.  

As all moments, and as

That which is never a moment. But infinitely, eternally empty of momentum.

This creative pulse of possibility, current of potential, existing

now, here, AS, YOU.

Close your eyes.  Rest.

Life is Here.

Love is now.


copyright Jennifer Tyler 2015

What if?

What if in this experience of 8 billion mind-worlds.

Worlds made up of rigid compensations, comparisons and defenses. Worlds made up of shoulds and shouldnt's. Worlds fed by a vision of lack and isolation. Worlds continuously and endlessly propping themselves up with more and more and more beliefs.

What if, in this moment, underneath these mind-world expressions, something began to ask "what is always, unchangingly here?".

"What am I really, underneath the thoughts and beliefs, what is here?" What is never coming or going, never created,

but simply, obviously, wholly


What if some of the threads in the tapestry began to explore the conscious lighting of attention on, remembering, recognizing

The Tapestry itself.

Directly experiencing themselves, as unique expressions within a vast, unknowable, unified wholeness? Rather than believing, in the mind, that their identity exists solely as a defensible, limited and separate territory?

Awake to themselves, as themselves. Awake to the One, as the One.

What if the Whole Tapestry woke up to Itself AS and within the heart of  an individual thread?  

Not as a one time, exciting experience that has come and gone. But as a living expression of Ever-is-ness and shining creativity.

Unique, indivisible, inextricable, awake threads weaving.

Weaving. Weaving..... as Love without cause,

Peace without cause, Joy without cause, Freedom without cause.

Rather than from endless cycles of deservedness/undeservedness, righteousness/wrongness, attainment/loss. Moving from and AS the Peace that passeth all understanding. What if?

This is an invitation to stop. For one moment. And recognize that which is always here. That which remains, not in denial of circumstances, but regardless of circumstances. From that recognition, action and choice are freed as possibility and potential. A conscious reflection and instrument of the unchanging Ground of Being. The Essential Ground of uncaused LOVE from which all phenomena: you, me, everything, flows.