Original art by Suzanne Gayle

This course was offered in the spring of 2020. And contains the core of the teaching. Much gratitude for those who participated in the weaving of this expression of Love.


Invocation of the Great Mother

Fall Retreat 2020 Guided Meditation

Jen Guided Meditation.MOV

The Alive quality of Being. The video ends in silence. I didn't end it with words. It's about 15minutes long. And although its a video I suggest that you close your eyes while listening.


April 28, 2020 Satsang --

Contemplation on Prayer with

Sharon Landrith, Clear Light Sangha

Caroline Cavelti , Living from Stillness

Bec and Steve Haas, Mauna Sangha


The Unique, Precious Expression

Guided Meditation with Jai Sri