Sacred Conversation/Spiritual Inquiry/

Guidance/Physical Integration/Attunement -

As the mind/body/consciousness shifts and evolves in response to spiritual realizations, it can be stabilizing and comforting to have a safe place to express yourself. An understanding guide that can assist you in finding your unique way of expressing and embodying the evolutionary process of spiritual awakening. Through sacred conversation, spiritual inquiry, guidance and intuitive healing the session encourages resonance with the potentialities of spiritual unfolding, wholeness, awakening, transfiguration, emergence, growth and discovery .

"So challenging to encapsulate something that is wordless......

Jen, as my loving teacher, has been the holder of the light... gently guiding, supporting, clarifying, pointing. The ego is easily distracted by flashy invitations, to take this direction or that, rather than devote to

“Straight and narrow is the path...waste no time!” (Dr. David Hawkins).

Regular discovery sessions with Jen, support this aspiration, for truth and love. Healing sessions integrate mind, body and spirit.... in stillness... unity.

I love when Adya asks, “How’s that working for you?”

Discovery sessions are working!

Humble gratitude for your teaching Jen!"

---- Barb Zukin

Sometimes I can feel like I am in my own closed-channel backwater of experience, perception, and thought. Jen's presence and support in discovery sessions feels like a flow of fresh water and nutrients, connecting the backwater back to the current. Discovery sessions are a rich opportunity to be well-accompanied. For me, in these crazy times especially, I feel like this journey is not to be done alone. When I have sessions with Jen, it's less about seeking some answer or insight (although that can happen too!), and more about trusting that interpersonal support with a trustworthy guide settles my system, deepens my practice, touches my heart, and gives me more courage.---C.

Throughout time, those who have discovered, realized and remembered their fundamental Wholeness have all reported, in many diverse ways, the same truths -- we are nothing, we are everything, we are that which we seek, we are love, we are life, we are all essentially the same. Awakening to these fundamental truths, in a direct, experiential way, potentiates an evolutionary process within and AS human beingness. In this time on planet Earth, many are being called to consciously awaken AS this evolutionary potential. Firstly, how do we realize who and what we are beyond thought and belief? What is the direct experience of the timeless essence beyond relative reality? How do we then live what we have realized? How do we trust the process of unfolding? How do we become more and more able to consciously move through our lives, our choices, our moments AS this unfathomable, infinitely-powerful tapestry of existence?