Morning Meditations 2024

This series is devoted to the Peace that passes all understanding.  And the return of our attention to the Peace/Silence/Love that abides throughout all circumstances.  I suggest listening to the pointer and then sitting for 30-45 minutes quietly with your eyes closed or gazing softly.  


Peace is not something to hope for in the future.  Peace is something that we can be in every moment.  If we want peace, we have to be peace.  

Peace is a practice and not a hope.  

-Tich Nhat Hanh, 

Morning Meditation 

Morning Meditation  3 - 22 - 2024

Morning Meditation  3-18-2024

Morning Meditation 2-26-2024

Morning Meditation 2-23-2024

Morning Meditation  2-19-2024

Morning Meditation 2-12-2024

Morning Meditation  2-9-2024

Morning Meditation 1-26-2024

Morning Meditation  1-22-2024

Morning Meditation 1-19-2024

Morning Meditation  1-15-2024

Morning Meditation 1-12-2024

Morning Meditation 1-5-2024

Morning Meditation  1-1-2024