Opening to the Love you Are

The Love that you Are is not a place that you go, or find, or are rewarded. It is here now, always, AS you. It is revealed as your very nature, your essence. The experience of remembering what you Are is like the clouds parting to reveal the sun. The sun has always been right here, indiscriminately shining, but clouded over by a temporary phenomena. So it is with your Source. There is nothing outside of this uncaused Love. This Love is all things, all ways and means, it is all. The you that you think you are and the Truth of who you Are. Nothing is outside or somehow not included as this Love. This Love is infinite, indiscriminate, unknowable, unfathomable, whole and complete. It has no divisions, no inside and outside, the One, as all expression, is here, now, all ways. The Power that is inherent to this revelation, this realization, is nuclear. Unimaginable. It is the Power of the Love of Creation, the Love that you Are.

There are many different connotations to this word Love. And so it is tricky and somewhat risky to use that word. The Love that I am attempting to speak of is the living realization, revelation and experience of the One as the One. It is the Love that is loving all other forms of love into existence. It is the Love that informs and makes possible all expressions. The Love I am speaking of can in no way be given, taken or caused. It simply, obviously is. It in no way distributes preference, specialness or deservedness and yet is infinitely unique and creative as it directly expresses. Infinite potential. Infinite capacity. Infinitely, perfectly, creatively designed AS you.