Global Peace Day 2017

Global Peace Day 2017:



Although it may be mostly veiled by endless cycles of divisive beliefs, the Peace that passeth all understanding is our essential nature. When we are able to humbly relinquish the need to know, to make meaning, we become the living edge of surrender. An eternal, moment-by-moment discovery that deepens into, permeates and finally lives our lives. Realized Peace unfolds as awakened, compassionate, creative, inspired action. Deeply rooted in the liberated, fresh quality of unknowing-ness and an open heart we are able to consciously unfold AS the infinite potential of the One Source.

If we commit to consciously observing the thoughts that pass through awareness we begin to see that one of the primary thought-trains or mind-streams is the ascribing of meaning to phenomena. As in, this happened and it means this. This phenomena (A) happened and this is what it means. And because (A) happened, now phenomena (B) will follow. This happened and this is why and this is what it means.

When attention is gathered up and tightly contracted around thoughts there is an endless cycle of ascribing meaning. It is a primary occupation to be engrossed in thinking and ascription. And most of the identification is wrapped up in this as well. All the descriptions and categories of “what I am”. I am this and that and the other. And that means that I am this, that and the other. And that means………and on and on. And although we may have a glimmer that there is something more essential to being and existence, we, for the most part, believe what the thoughts are telling us about identity, meaning and being.

Ascribed meaning is one thing, and essence is another. Meaning is of the mind, and the levels of consciousness that are based in duality. Essence is experienced from the levels of consciousness beyond and underneath mind. Hence the pointer of wearing the world, of relative belief, like a loose garment. Certainly Being-ness can never, ever be essentially described by or assigned essential meaning by the mind. All things, all phenomena, are their own meaning by virtue of what they are. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

Somehow, from Grace, rather than mind, a deep questioning, rather than ascribing, begins to thread its way into consciousness. And an opening, an opportunity to realize and remember the Truth of oneself comes into being. Inherent to a deep remembrance of one’s true nature, is a non-conceptual, direct experience of seeing-through the mind-meanings to the wordless essence of things, of phenomena. Authentic awakening precipitates a falling away of belief, and this includes belief in meaning. (Even the ascribed meaning of ‘spiritual experiences’.) A falling away of “this means that, this follows that, this means I am that”. A falling-away of the belief that there is an answer to the question of why?

In this expression, the mind, for a time, was no longer even accessible as a reference point. It was simply not available as a tool of description, ascription or otherwise. You might say, the mind was off-line. When Reality is unmediated by mind-meaning the world of form is experienced as completely empty. And, strangely enough, simultaneously gloriously full of all that is and ever was and ever will be. Creation shines forth, from and AS the primordial, empty ground. The no-thing-ness that manifests AS the all-thing-ness. And the uncaused Love that delivers, bridges and resolves this paradox.

This realization, recognition, remembrance of the Ground, the Essentiality is lived AS a condition. An Awakenedness. It is not a state of mind or a temporary experience, rather, it is a condition. The search for meaning is over. The relative safety of separation and division is replaced by a lived Universality. Relativity is still obviously part of the everyday human living. But you can’t find an essentially true belief or meaning if your life depended on it.

As always, the mind can take these words and build a conceptual understanding from them. A framework of knowing and meaning and believing. “Oh, I got that. Cool. Nothing and everything. Yeah, ok. Nothing matters, nothing means anything. Awesome.” But the realization of THAT and the subsequent lived condition of Awakenedness is never, ever what the mind thinks its going to be. As Adya says, “don’t mistake the menu for the meal”.

SO AGAIN.....Although it is mostly veiled by endless cycles of belief, the Peace that passeth all understanding is our essential nature.

What is useful about sitting in contemplation of the Source of reality?:

What if?

What if in this experience of 7 billion mind-worlds.

Worlds made up of rigid compensations, comparisons and defenses. Worlds made up of shoulds and shouldnt's. Worlds fed by a vision of lack and isolation. Worlds continuously and endlessly propping themselves up with more and more and more beliefs.

What if, in this moment, underneath these mind-world expressions, something began to ask "what is here when thinking is quiet?".

"What am I really, underneath the thoughts and beliefs, what is here?"

What is never coming or going, never created,

but simply, obviously, wholly


What if some of the threads in the tapestry began to explore the conscious lighting of attention on, remembering, recognizing

The Tapestry itself.

Directly experiencing themselves, as unique expressions within a vast, unknowable, unified wholeness? Rather than believing, in the mind, that their identity exists solely as a defensible, limited and separate territory?

Awake to themselves, as themselves.

Awake to the One, as the One.

Not as a one time, exciting experience that has come and gone. But as a living expression of Ever-is-ness and shining creativity.

Unique, indivisible, inextricable, awake threads weaving.

Weaving. Weaving..... as Love without cause,

Peace without cause, Joy without cause, Freedom without cause.

Rather than from endless cycles of

deservedness/undeservedness, righteousness/wrongness, attainment/loss.

Moving from and AS the Peace that passeth all understanding.

What if?

This is an invitation to stop. For one moment. And recognize that which is always here. That which remains, not in denial of circumstances, but regardless of circumstances. From that recognition, action and choice are freed as possibility and potential. A conscious reflection of the unchanging Ground of Being.

The Essential Ground from which all phenomena: you, me, everything, flows.