Awakening to the Heart of Being

Finding the Freedom to Love

The online retreat is about committing to an environment, an atmosphere, where we willingly give our attention to what is already, and always, present and alive within and AS us. Call it spirit, awareness, true nature, life, presence or that which is. Whatever we call it, the timeless, silent mystery at the heart of our being is here and now.

And we are being called during this time in history to express, through our choices and responses, the deepest calling of our hearts. We are being called to consciously embody the essential, uncaused Love. To identify AS the ground of Love. To bring the radiant Love that we inherently ARE to the foreground of our consciousness.

It is an invitation to explore into the Spiritual Heart. The Heart of the heart. The Heart of the matter.

To deeply enter this truth in an open- hearted, open-minded, spirit of discovery and revelation. The retreat container gives rise to an enlivened potential for consciously recognizing, living and experiencing our unique individuality AS an expression of the Universal Source of beingness. Which is Love.

No matter what we think we have realized, how many retreats we have attended, how many years we have “worked on our spirituality”, no matter our conditioning, or our history, each moment provides the eternal, sacred opportunity to dive into the great Unknowingness. And freshly discover and awaken to The Wholeness from which everything blooms and grows.

Consciousness is evolving. Human beingness is evolving. In this right here, right now moment there exists the potential of consciously, directly remembering our fundamental nature. Even as the deep seated patterns of the mind/body arise, unwind and give-way we can live AS and from this Lovingness, this heart of Being. In this way, we consciously lend our light to the dream and song of a new creation.

The buried fragments of the unconscious are vividly surfacing. These fragments are seeking to be recognized, loved and returned home in the light of conscious awareness. In the light of Presence. In the Light of Love without cause.

The Grace is fierce on so many levels.

Many of us are being called by our souls to wake up. Wake up! Evolve! Wake up to our True nature. Wake up from the spell of separateness. While simultaneously, many others of us, are sinking into even deeper and deeper states of unconsciousness. Clinging to endless expressions of division as if our lives depended on it.

Collectively we are feeling the vulnerability of profound change and uncertainty. And it may feel challenging to dive into the heart at such a vulnerable time. However, realizing and awakening to the "heart of the matter" is the healing medicine. Discovering the freedom to Love is the saving grace.

The Sacred Heart of Being burns within each of us as an eternal flame. It is not something we create, manufacture, imagine, earn or do. But we can become awakened to the uncaused Love at the Heart of Being. The Heart quickens and steers the compass of the soul to the sacred Divine. Courage, fierce- grace, compassion, belonging, interconnectedness, forgiveness, beauty, creativity, transformation, aliveness.........

exist right here and now as the Heart of Existence. Waiting to be realized and brought to light through our uniquely divine, individual lives.