Abundant Love, Infinite Possibility

Abundant love, Infinite Possibility

During retreat we have the precious opportunity to set aside and rest from the roles and activities of daily living. We have the chance to deeply explore and realize our true nature, the essential ground of Being. After retreat, we have the opportunity to weave our realizations, whatever they may be, into our lives.

As we return to our relationships and roles, we can bring the practiced Presence of retreat into the relative world. We may get caught in the current of belief, opinion and emotion, such is life. But in every moment, we can recognize the silent, clear, open awareness inherent to existence. And in this recognition, the heart softens and opens to the moment exactly as it is.

The creativity of an open, undefended heart is the eventual freedom of all Being. It is the dream of skillful, compassionate people. When we willingly live and experience the moment as it is, our life becomes our prayer. The doing of life, the actions and choices, become enlightened and illuminated with Being. This is the essence of inspired living. We become the instrument, the expression of Life's loving, fearless wisdom.

Free yourself from the thought that there is a better place, a better time than NOW. Beyond waiting, seeking, and hoping lies the purity of the experiential moment, as it is. All possibilities, all potentialities exist in the here and now, AS this moment.

Have faith that you are whole, undivided and essentially free. The Love that you are is not far, distant, separate or unavailable. It is abundant and the essence of who you are. Willingly enter this peace, this silence. In the unspoken language of Love there is a wisdom and intelligence that is beyond the thinking mind. Beyond stories, causalities and descriptions, causeless Awareness exists as the natural, original ground of Being.

Abide in that which is. Truly, simply, freely.

And let nature take its course.

The Joy. The Love.

The natural qualities inherent AS realized Stillness.

May we be aware of these, Here, All-ways, AS us.