Original art by Suzanne Gayle

This course was offered in the spring of 2020. And contains the core of the teaching. It is an invitation to recognize that our lives are always and already Whole and inseparable from the fundamental Ground of Being. It is an invitation to commit to living AS this recognition. Even in the experience of deep conditioning. And to more deeply discovering and embracing our inherent potential to live from and AS abiding, uncaused Love. Much gratitude for those who participated in the weaving of this expression of Love.

Awakening to the Heart of Being

Finding the Freedom to Love

Awakening to the Heart of Being

This course is an invitation to explore into the Spiritual Heart. The Heart of the heart. The Heart of the matter.

To deeply enter this truth in an open- hearted, open-minded, spirit of discovery and revelation. The retreat container gives rise to an enlivened potential for consciously recognizing, living and experiencing our unique individuality AS an expression of the Universal Source of beingness. Which is Love.

Thank you thank you thank you to the participants who brought this course into being.