Show and Tell

Session 1, February 20

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"I feel this way -

that the brilliant white light floating in the gleaming cobalt is still there

illuminating without and within, as if there were a difference.

I knew it then, and I know it now, as if time existed.

Stunned to love." --Jim W


"I had lost my faith, myself, my place in space.

I had to reconstruct after the fire. The process of both taking apart

and reassembling, shifting gears and beliefs, identities, burning away

the old. Descend. Ground.Root. Using the power and energy to fuel the

new, release and transform, see things fresh and new. It was a time to

"surrender to divine will", ............ And what was was a time to accept "What Is", not try to fix,

manipulate, transform, project, ongoing. But simply participate in the

web of life with deep gratitude without preconceptions and judgement. To

begin to love more deeply and fearlessly. To invite Kali strength

,fierce love, and untamed freedom. Be not afraid. To create space for

the sacred transformation of divine energy and spiritual longing. To

awake creativity and love. The freedom to ascend up the chakras to Trust

and Conscious Awareness. To pursue what brings Joy...learning to serve

selflessly, yet passionately celebrating my life" ---- Sharon N.


".....I could feel an energy in my chest being pulled (or rising). As you continued, I felt like a transmission was happening. I could see light around you and, at times, around other things in the room. My visual focus dissolved and fuzzed out detail in your face. Thought was in and out leaving my mind empty for periods of time.

My heart space and chest were emptied out and filled at the same time. I was softly stunned, unhinged and unbound. “Peaced” and speechless.

A few times I had tingling energy in my crown (chakra). "---Jan K.


"Hi Jen,

One of my very favourite (Canadian spelling) songs ever of Kate Bush is "Under the Ivy"

....go into the garden, go under the ivy, under the leaves, away from the party, go right to the rose, go right to the white rose...I'll be waiting for wouldn't take me long, to tell you how to find it, to tell you where we'll be... this little girl inside me is returning to her favourite place, so go into the garden, go under the ivy, under the leaves, away from the party, go right to the rose, go right to the white wouldn't take me long to tell you how to find it...

Love you,

I've been listening to this song lately, once again, after many years."