Love Embodied

Rio Chirripo, Costa Rica

February 19 (2pm) -24 (Noon), 2022

5 nights, 6 days


Sharon Landrith and I invite you to join us in celebration of the Embodied Love and the Fullness of Being. A unique and intimate offering in an impactful place. Costa Rica is the land of Pura Vida, Pure Life. This heartfelt national motto is a reflection of the Ticos' devotion to sacred Mother Nature, sacred Life and living in the moment. It is the guiding principle and global transmission of Costa Rica. The Chirripo area is wild and magical: rainforested 13,000 foot mountain, rivers, lush jungle, mystical views, deep transmission. Together we will fully immerse into greater discovery of Love Embodied. A rich setting for contemplation, silent sitting, guided meditation, movement, teaching talks, exploratory dialogue, river time, gourmet food, compassionate intention and profound open-heartedness. A potent combination of contemplative and conversational activities.

Sharon has a devotion and great love of the Truth. She is a gifted intuitive and a spiritual teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti. Sharon’s unique gift to enliven hearts and passions toward greater and greater awakening is truly remarkable. Sharon offers support for the required shift of identity that is both direct and tailored to each person's journey. She will lovingly invite you to “tell yourself the Truth” and to “Come home, sweetheart, come home”. In the simple recognition of the One Ultimate Reality, which is always and already here, the experience of separation dissolves.

"First, know the reality of your being. From that, peace prevails through all places, circumstances and people. The illusion ends."

- Sharon Landrith.

Please visit Sharon's website for more info

Jennifer has been dedicated to offering spiritual guidance and support for many years . In service as a teacher of spiritual awakening, a gifted healer/medical intuitive, and hospice nurse. Sharon Landrith has confirmed her as a teacher in Adyashanti's lineage. Her offering is the "way of the rose". The Divine Mother. And is an invitation to give one's mind to the Universal Heart. To ultimately surrender the belief in a separate "me". She is devoted to the abiding, uncaused Love at the heart of matter. Please visit the pages on this website to learn more about Jennifer.

"We are being called during this time in history to express, through our choices and responses, the deepest calling of our hearts. We are called to consciously inhabit the essential, uncaused Love. To wake-up and identify AS the ground of Love. To bring the radiant Love that we inherently ARE to the foreground of our conscious experience."--Jennifer

Accommodations in a unique mountain lodge with mystical views of Mt. Chirripo Costa Rica, nestled in the wooded valley beside the fast flowing Chirripo River. Rio Chirripo Lodge and Yoga Retreat is a boutique hotel. A refuge from the pressures of a busy world. Explore the lush tropical grounds, swim in the river and dine on delectable locally sourced healthy cuisine. Visit the website here:

Prices include teacher fee, use of entire facility, lodging, and three meals a day (special diet upon request). Does NOT include airfare or transportation.

The lodging is unique. Access to some of the rooms requires a certain level of physical ability. Please email me with questions.

Space is very limited

Please do NOT contact the lodge for retreat booking or registration .

Getting there, directions and map.