"Jennifer has a Self-realization that is grounded in the Deep Stillness and arises in love and form as the human expression. She tends her garden and cares for her clients and students with the same Fullness of Being...

Quite rare and of great benefit to all.”

"So challenging to encapsulate something that is wordless......

Jen, as my loving teacher, has been the holder of the light... gently guiding, supporting, clarifying, pointing. The ego is easily distracted by flashy invitations, to take this direction or that, rather than devote to:

“Straight and narrow is the path...waste no time!” (Dr. David Hawkins).

Regular discovery sessions with Jen, support this aspiration, for truth and love. Healing sessions integrate mind, body and spirit.... in stillness... unity.

I love when Adya asks, “How’s that working for you?”

Discovery sessions are working!

Humble gratitude for your teaching Jen!"

---- Barb Zukin

"Sometimes I can feel like I am in my own closed-channel backwater of experience, perception, and thought. Jen's presence and support in discovery sessions feels like a flow of fresh water and nutrients, connecting the backwater back to the current. Discovery sessions are a rich opportunity to be well-accompanied. For me, in these crazy times especially, I feel like this journey is not to be done alone. When I have sessions with Jen, it's less about seeking some answer or insight (although that can happen too!), and more about trusting that interpersonal support with a trustworthy guide settles my system, deepens my practice, touches my heart, and gives me more courage."

"Jen, I want to thank you from my heart of hearts for being a spiritual beacon, mid wife and teacher to me. You see so much and you love so much. Your care is supportive and confidently expectant. Our circle is growing in depth and love- your tending is nurturing our courage, fortitude and emergence. I am deeply grateful to you and our full circle family for holding and encouraging me on this waking to and living from Truth."

"I enjoyed being held in acceptance and love. And seeing my heart and light reflected in all 'others' here."

"I especially enjoyed Jen's talks which were life-affirming, remarkable and so full of love that I felt like we all were made of spun light and grace."

"Thank you so much for bringing love and mindfulness into my life"

"I want you to know that at the church while waiting for the funeral mass, I got a feeling of “channeling Jen” and the phrase “everything changes, everything remains the same” came into my mind. That and the thought of Mom as part of Isness were very helpful. So thank you for sending your spirit."