In service to 
the unfoldment of
spiritual awakening

This is an invitation to rest from the coming and going of the endless mind-stream of ideas and beliefs, 
in order to contemplate the Source of Reality. Every moment is the moment to discover, remember, and recognize, that which is eternally present.  That which is not created but simply is.  The Source, the ground of Being which is prior to all questions and yearnings, and also gives rise to the calling of the heart.   

This eternal discovery deepens into and permeates our lives. Giving rise to our unique expression of Love. Radiating outward through awakened, compassionate, creative, inspired action.  Deeply rooted in the liberated, fresh quality of an unknowing mind and an open heart we consciously unfold AS the infinite potential of the 
One Source.

Abide in that which is. Truly, simply, freely.
 And let nature take its course. 

The Joy. The Love. The natural qualities inherent AS realized Stillness. May we be consciously aware of these, Here, All-ways, AS us. 

During the past 30 years, Jennifer Tyler worked in the field of holistic healthcare as a gifted, intuitive healer. Following the deep remembrance of her true nature, she was greatly blessed to encounter the teachers Adyashanti and Sharon Landrith. With beloved Sharon’s encouragement, and with gratitude and joy, she is moved to be a resource for the conscious unfolding of the natural condition of Being.

Her teaching points to the discovery of the ever-present, uncaused Love inherent as our true nature. And to living AS this love, in the world, through our actions and choices. She is here to support, nurture and enliven the potential for recognizing the Peace at the core of our Being. With this recognition, we have the opportunity to create loving possibilities in our individual lives. We become the instrument, the pure expression of Life’s loving, fearless wisdom. Jennifer is available for spiritual guidance through private sessions and group silent retreats.